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We're Buying!
Is gold back at a level you are considering selling some of your gold? The Coin Broker is currently paying premium prices for 1 oz. American Eagle gold coins. We're paying new higher prices. Bring 'em in and don't miss this opportunity to get the most for your gold.

The Coin Broker is also offering new higher prices for silver products. Currently we need 1 oz. rounds/ingots and 10 oz. bars.

Super Silver Sale!

With the price of silver this low, it is a great time to invest in silver coins; here are a few options The Coin Broker is pleased to offer our customers:
  • Canadian Silver Dollars
    • 1958 "Totem Pole" Dollar, only $14.95 each
    • 1964 Commemorative Dollar, only $13.95 each
  • U.S. 1982 George Washington Proof Half dollar, only $10.25 each
  • We have also reduced our price on old US Silver Dollars

These are among the best deals and prices in the Bay area, swing by today and get it out!

Gold is still "low"

With the price of gold so low, our customers have a strategic opportunity to enter the precious metals market on the market's low end. The Coin Broker stocks a variety of gold products including the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand, and the Austrian Philharmonic. This is a great time to review your portfolio and consider adding gold as an element of your investment strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does your business have any fees or commission charges?
No, The Coin Broker does not have any hidden charges or fees that are added. The price you are quoted includes our profit margin. There are no additional charges or fees.   

Is there sales tax on these coins?
In California, there is no sales tax on gold bullion products where the customer's cost is equal to, or greater than $1,500. So, if the total of your purchase is equal to or greater than $1,500 it would not be taxable at this time.

What forms of payment will you accept?
The Coin Broker will accept cash and check as forms of payment for bullion products. If you use a check, the sale is final at the moment you hand us your check, but, in order to protect the business interests of The Coin Broker, we will hold your product for ten business days while your check is cleared. This applies to all checks (personal, cashier's, traveller’s, etc) and money orders. So, once you write us a check, we give you a receipt for your product with a date on which you may return to pick up your merchandise. When you return with your receipt on the specified date, your product will be released to you providing your check has cleared.

Know Your Gold
1 Troy Oz. Gold
Troy Oz. silver
copper alloy
(.916 fine)
 Production began in 1986.
America's first bullion
coin since the 1930's
1 Troy Oz. Gold
 Production began in 2006.
America's first pure gold
bullion coin
Maple Leaf
1 Troy Oz. Gold
This is Canada's official
bullion coin. It began
roduction in 1979
1 Troy Oz. Gold
Troy Oz. silver
copper alloy
(.916 fine)
 Production began in 1963
Over 48 million
have been produced
50 Peso
1.2 Troy Oz. Gold
.134 Troy Oz. Copper
 Production began in 1921
to celebrate Mexico's
independence from Spain
1 Troy Oz. Gold
 Production began in 1989
to honor the Vienna
Philharmonic Orchestra